Gary Miller Profile:

Contract Photo Editor,, 2011-2014

Deputy Photo Director, Press-Enterprise, CA 1999-2002

Director of Photography, San Bernardino County Sun, CA 1992-1999

Director of Photography, Des Moines, IA 1990-1992

Photography/Graphics Editor, Salem Statesman Journal,OR 1988-1990

Staff Photographer, Record Serchlight, Redding, CA

Privileged to have worked with talented photographers, graphic art designers and editors as a visual director.-

Additional Relevant Experience

* Judge/Film: 2011 Third Annual Sundial Film Festival,Redding,CA

* Contributor to 2010 “Hauler Magazine” Adam Wright Productions, cycle and hot rods.

* Group Exhibition: 2010 Fovea Exhibitions Beacon, NY “Portraits”

* Volunteer Fovea Exhibitions Gallery, Beacon, NY 2009-2010

* Logistics chairman for American Cancer Society “Run for Life” Redlands, CA

* Senior editor Belo/Press Enterprise for 2000 Democratic Convention in Los


* Senior editor for Gannett News Service and USA TODAY 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

* Senior editor for USA TODAY at the 1998 Super bowl, San Diego, CA

* Senior editor for Gannett News Service and USA TODAY 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA.

Multi-Media Projects: (photo editor and co-design team leader)

 Crisis on Tap: California’s Water

Inland Wildfires:

2008 Freeway Complex Wildfire

2007 Butler 2 Wildfire

2006 Esperanza Wildfire

2003 Wildfires

(note PDF pages for A1-inside design)


Photo by Ed Crisostomo


Meth’s Legacy:


Photo by William Wilson Lewis III


Tough City, Fragile Lives:



Photo by Caitlin M. Kelly

Journey of Love: Mother’s Day in Prison:

Journey of Love copy

“Good-bye..Mom” Photo by Mark Zaleski

Purepecha immigrants living in mobile homes near the Salton Sea


Photo by Amanda Lucidon

Mecca for misery: Farmworkers


Photo by Amanda Lucidon

A Life of Love: Angie Peyton:


Photo by Caitlin M Kelly