The musical thread:



“Normally, things are viewed in these little segmented boxes. There’s classical, and then there’s jazz; romantic, and then there’s baroque. I find that very dissatisfying. I was trying to find the thread that connects one type of music – one type of musician – to another, and to follow that thread in some kind of natural, evolutionary way.”
-Jerry Lee Lewis-


Old School Leica:

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There is just something soothing about holding a piece of camera equipment that is as finely crafted as a Swiss watch but solid enough to pound a nail through an oak plank.

I have spent the last twenty-two years developing programs and purchasing digital camera equipment at four newspapers and feel I have an insider’s appreciation for both the quality and economic value of today’s digital visual products…but.

…There is nothing like an “Old School Leica” film camera to give you an appreciation for high-end optics and the refinement of an M-3 body with Leitz Summicron 50mm/f2 lens. The pair was manufactured a year after I was born in 1956 and with a minor dent and some scratches; it’s a working machine much like the owner.

No winder; no auto-focus; no light meter; and a rewind knob that you actually have to turn; just add black and white film.



I tend to pull these out as a reminder from time to time since I have a good memory……just short!

Fifteen ways to determine the look of your photograph

  1. Rule of thirds
  2. Linear perspective
  3. Framing
  4. Silhouette
  5. The decisive moment
  6. Selective focus
  7. Dominant foreground/contributing background
  8. Controlled depth of field
  9. Introducing disorder into a controlled situation
  10.  Texture
  11.  Juxtaposition
  12.  Reflection
  13.  Panning
  14.  Perspective/context
  15.  Lighting as a creative device