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-Leo Durocher-


Replace Fear with Knowledge:


-Brandon Lee-





First, let me lead-off this discussion with a disclaimer.

The following are my observations, and not those necessarily of my employer; current ,nor former colleagues. Even Emmy my cat has little stake in this other than a current paycheck keeps her in litter.

It is my firm belief that Sports is NEWS and should be covered visually as if one was writing the game story.

For the visual reporter, your work starts the moment that you receive an assignment for game coverage and not the few hours before setting up in the well or press area.

You now have a laptop, electronic tablet and most important, a smartphone.  Show that your smarter than your phone and use that technology to do your homework on those involved in the NEWS event you are about to cover.

Example:  Ozzie Guillen returns to coach the Mariners after a five-game suspension Tuesday night.  What was the story of the night?

Q.  How many images of protestors outside the stadium moved on the wires prior to the game?  A. 1

Q.  How many images of Ozzie AFTER the game began moved from the dugout, etc. by the 5th inning? A. 1  A vertical that had little-to-no use on the web; mobile or even print.  Understand your market, everything you do has a “Return on Investment” to both you and your employer. Every minute is a deadline on the web.

Photographers did a very nice job of covering Ozzie being interviewed in the dugout prior to the game … then it was back to the game.

A game that no one will remember for the score.

More images will be used the day after and over the following weeks of Ozzie’s return over game action.  What is your market?

If you have a Kobe injured and on the bench…record it for news value.

If you transmit three photos of the cheerleaders before sending horizontal action on deadline (yes this happend a few days ago). We need to discuss news value?

Elements of Sports coverage to act as a guide, If you think the last element should be the first then we might see a brighter future.

Peak action / Telling reaction

Don’t settle for the obvious

Marriage between action and story

Pay attention / Watch the edges!

Vary your position

Know the sport!

Time to clean the litter box.

Thoughts from the sidelines during bowl season:

So you’re a sports photographer and proud of it.

We’ll I’m here to say that I’m just one of many photo editors proud of you and appreciate your dedication and visual talents in bringing your awesome images to wire services; web and print publications.

I’m new to the job, but the job is not new to me.

If you are about to make the leap to the proud; the few the sometimes forgotten  here are five things to think about while on assignment.

1. We live very much in a digital age where time is king which spans a twenty-four hour news cycle.  That wonderful image that you have in the second quarter of the game is going to be overshadowed by someone who sent a lesser image 10 minutes before you hit send. Get into the mind-set that every quarter, every half, every period is your deadline.  Understand that there is a market out there for the FIRST image; understand there is a market out there for pre-game images.  Be a story-teller!

2.  Once you step into that arena of coverage; EVERYTHING is a valued image that may have an economic impact for you and your client.

That helmet sitting on grass near the sidelines: that sports drink bottle on the bench; those player-filled sports shoes in the rain, snow, mud.  The kids playing a sandlot game at the corner field.

This is a pop-culture society that places a value on still images.  It’s not enough to know your market…you need to know where the future is heading in your market.

3. Don’t stop shooting when the game clock shows no time left.  Make sure you tell the final story of both the winners and the losers.  Follow-up stories need images to help tell those stories that may run days later.  Although you are covering an event; you are really covering athletes and their emotions.   Those images have value for days, months, years to come.

4.  Don’t short-change the technical.  Make sure that your camera sensors are clean; make sure you have a solid white-balance; make sure you have the correct time stamp on all cameras and computers you use, make sure your images are in focus!  Take pride in the professional and correct cutlines you provide.

5. Above all be professional; be humble: be proud in the quality of work you produce and learn as much as you can from those that came before you.

Photography and Martial Arts:

Ying Yang, style vs technique or all one?

One needs to understand the distinction between style and a technique. 

Style is a distinctive feature of artistic expression or execution of an image. 

Technique however is the fundamentals of how that expression is derived.

 A technique may help form a person’s style but it is only one component.

 It is only through trying limitless techniques that a photographer, if he or

 she is fortunate, they will develop a style seen in their work.

Rapinoe Women’s World Soccer: A father’s love for his daughters

Jim Rapinoe, father of Megan Rapinoe celebrates after the US first goal in the Women's Soccer World Cup Sunday.

I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Jim Rapinoe today.

Jim is the father of Megan Rapinoe a midfielder with the US Women’s National Soccer Team who competed against Japan for the World Cup.

It may have been one of the most exciting matches in women’s soccer that ended regulation in a 2-2 tie and ended with a 3-1 victory for Japan in the final shoot-out.

There is something about sharing time in front of a major sporting event with a father of an athlete where you truly get a sense of what makes some achieve at a higher level.

Jim for the most part seems like a very quiet guy for a contractor and he wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to family.  It also reflects in his eyes when he talks about his twin daughters Megan and Rachael playing soccer in the field across from the street from the house with the family dog as youngsters.

I’m sure his daughter was just as gracious in defeat today because she is a Rapinoe.

“I told Megan not to do this to me anymore.” he said speaking of the close match with a glimmer of a smile.

“This was not just a win for the Japanese players. They were playing for something bigger,  for a country that really needed it after a tough year.”

Gracious in defeat because he is a Rapinoe.

Rapinoe watches in disbelief as Japan wins with a 3-1 shoot-out in the Women's World Cup




Alijah Zauher, 2011

For the Love of the Game:


 -Vince Lombardi-

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Enjoy the current Issue:


Got Heart?

The day had been in the seventy’s, now running about thirty-five degrees cooler as the field lights came on and there seemed to be a bit of steam coming off the artificial turf.

You never forget that smell where sweat, pads and field meet.

On the aluminum sideline bench the linebacker gave the tape another wrap around his wrist making the twist on top to strengthen and apply pressure.

“Just a bunch of broken-up old guys that like to play football.” he smiled after making the final wrap.

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“Hey, got some tape? I think that I broke it last season.”  The “Heat” player held up his hand with a finger that was bent in three different directions. “Gotta love it!”

It’s the second week of practice for the Redding, CA semi-pro football team and the first year for new owners Jason Burris and David Williams as the players are given a watchful eye from head coach Chris Hall.

A bit surreal, much like players coming out of the corn field in the movie “Field of Dreams” the players arrived from all corners of the field washed in light dragging what equipment they owned.  They came in very good shape; some shape and no shape.

“I’m not here to disrespect you, but, I don’t ever want to see another session like tonight.  If you don’t bring it to every practice, I guarantee the guy across the line from you will. He’ll be kicking your butt and smiling all the way back to the huddle.” Coach Hall’s voice was not above a whisper and not mistaken by the players as a request.

Towards the end of the two hour practice you could see the timing starting to come back; sharp long passes caught and hard hits made.

Just a bunch of broken-up old guys on a surreal field of dreams with big hearts.  This could just be a very entertaining season.

View from the Window: viewing differently

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Sometimes what appears to be the worst seat in the house, or the worst shooting position at an event, becomes the best opportunity.

As a photo editor I can not count the times that I had to talk a photographer down from the ledge because there was a problem with credentials and their shooting position on the baseline; foul line; goal line or ice was now in the bleachers.

I never worried as once you wiped away the tears; those individuals normally rose to the occasion and produced work that was far more compelling from the competition.

They knew they had to work harder and accept viewing the action differently.

I enjoy classic cars, rods and motorcycles, not that I could ever afford one or have the technical skills to build one, but I love the dream. 

I had every intention of paying the $36.00 for Anne and myself  to see these classics at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds until memories of years covering San Bernardino’s “Route 66” event flooded my brain.

With a beer in hand; the World Cup dialed in; and the air conditioner cranked on high it was time to just wait for the car show to come to me and an empty hotel parking lot.

The Therory of Combat Karate:

“Be professional, be polite, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

-USMC Rules for gun fighting #21-

Under the watchful eye of Sensei Rubin Ruiz, 6th Dan Shotokan Karate operator of America’s Finest Shotokan Karate and Kickboxing Academy (AFSK) in Fishkill, NY and his mentor and Sensei since nine-years-old, Reno Moralez,  9th Dan and co-founder of the Bronkx Shotokan Karate-do Clubs International put students through their paces Saturday during “The Theory of Karate Combat” seminar held at Vassar College.

It was six hours of intense training focused on knowing the mind, body and spirit and controlling emotions in the real world.

Both instructors offer a depth of experience in practical martial arts on the streets.  Sensei Maralez was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame; international competitor and executive protection specialist.

Sensei Ruiz, a student of both traditional Shotokan and Kiokushin full-contact fighting, is a retired police officer of twenty years in the NYPD.

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