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Coffee and the Spider:

The thread-like fibers flutter with the breeze.

All but invisible in the early morning fog.

Most certainly the structure invisible to its prey.

We share the balcony with a view to the area’s beauty.

I with coffee in hand

The spider with a trap for what might land.


Summer to Autumn:

Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.

_William Allingham_

Red Leaf

Lace Web

Soft Web

Delicate Balance:

A delicate spider web carries the weight of nature's balance.

A delicate spider web carries the weight of nature's balance.

The days run together some weeks faster than others. 

I have yet to determine weather I’m comfortable with the time frame. It could mean moving closer to an exciting new future.  It could mean a missed opportunity for an exciting new future.

It’s been two or three days since I saw the fragile fawn in the back yard.  We see many, and I cherish the experience each time.

Normally mom or a sibling is within nuzzling distance but there was something in this baby’s eyes that made you understand it was alone.

As it grazed through the freshly-cut grass you could see that its thin legs were wobbly but not the tremble of a newborn, it was walking with a limp.  As a spectator to nature, it makes me very uncomfortable to witness illness, injury or death.

I understand that nature is a balance and at this point in our lives more delicate than ever.

The strong take care of the weak and the weak become stronger.

When the startled fawn found its legs to clear the three-foot rock wall at the edge of the yard and scampered into the timber, I felt better.  It was likely for my well being and not the fawn’s.

I choose not to watch, “Old Yeller”; most of the production of “Bambi” and will excuse myself when the flying monkeys share the screen during the “Wizard of Oz”.

It’s just about balance.