The bags are packed: Thoughts before heading east…again.

As we prepare for yet another cross-country trip returning to the east coast, I can’t help but think of how resilient we as Americans have become given our economic environment.  As challenging as unemployment can be, it also offers avenues to put you into situations creating new friends and reconnecting on a different level with former friends and colleagues.

As a newsroom manager I saw my staff cut by over half in workforce reductions through 2008-2010; very talented individuals who have worked hard to rebound and build something they can call their own creating their own businesses or taking a new career path..

Folks like Sandro and Jessica Picasso who built an increasingly popular on-line gaming business PICASSO GAMES ETC. good people who found a needed niche and built something from an idea. Also, check out their blog for updates. Sandro’s brother Carlo Picasso who is an accomplished Martial Arts instructor and also a regional distributor for Pella Windows in the Palm Springs area.

Talented visual journalist, Rodrigo Pena, Silvia Flores, Carrie Rosema, Paul Alvarez, Amanda Lucidon, David Shea, Caitlin Kelly, Greg Vojtko and Eric Kim.

Adam Wright who produces HAULER MAGAZINE and shoots amazing portraits of skateboarders to the finest motorcycle and hot rod builders in the country.

I still find it unbelievable that there are those who don’t understand just how deep unemployment in our country cuts to the bone.  There are those who believe that today’s unemployed are lazy and living the good life off their government checks…you’re sadly uninformed and the line between those who have a paycheck and those who pray they had one becomes increasingly thinner.

 It is less out of frustration, but more out of pride in my friends, family and former colleagues who have risen above the adversity creating a new path in their lives; sharing resources and keeping the spirit alive that gives hope for the future.