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View from the Window: viewing differently

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Sometimes what appears to be the worst seat in the house, or the worst shooting position at an event, becomes the best opportunity.

As a photo editor I can not count the times that I had to talk a photographer down from the ledge because there was a problem with credentials and their shooting position on the baseline; foul line; goal line or ice was now in the bleachers.

I never worried as once you wiped away the tears; those individuals normally rose to the occasion and produced work that was far more compelling from the competition.

They knew they had to work harder and accept viewing the action differently.

I enjoy classic cars, rods and motorcycles, not that I could ever afford one or have the technical skills to build one, but I love the dream. 

I had every intention of paying the $36.00 for Anne and myself  to see these classics at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds until memories of years covering San Bernardino’s “Route 66” event flooded my brain.

With a beer in hand; the World Cup dialed in; and the air conditioner cranked on high it was time to just wait for the car show to come to me and an empty hotel parking lot.



“Many great shooters. It goes all over the place photo wise. It has my DNA for sure in the flow and pace but it’s amazing because it doesn’t have my photos.”

-Adam Wright-

The untitled book is out and looks better than road kill.

Road Course 3:

Road Course 3 by Photographer Adam Wright is NOW out!

Road Course 3

Road course 3 is some of Wright's best work yet!

Adam’s Blog:


It’s best to move quickly as they flame off the shelf.


How good do you want to be?

” To see, is to doubt…to hear, is to wonder…to feel, is to know”

There is no good reason why a pair of pears should be here?

There is no good reason why a pair of pears should be here?

Word is that photographer and publisher Adam Wright of “Road Course” magazine is getting ready to publish another issue.  Given the sales records of the last two they will last as long as a bowl of corn chips at a “Weight Watchers” meeting.

This is an exciting photographer who has spilled over the cycle and rod industry like a sticky can of forty-weight.

Worn out rumor that we might see some shorts on “VBS.TV”.