Redemption on the Road!

This was the image that got away many years ago and like most things in life you get a second chance.

I would make the drive through the Mojave Desert many times while visiting my mother as she entered her final days and photography has always been my way of coping with difficult situations as a diversion.

At the time I focused on the old structures in Boron and those found along the freeway.

For some reason I loved this café sign that sits north of the Edwards AFB off ramp.

As you walk through the sage you can see the broken foundation and cracked blacktop where the driveway once could be found.

Many years ago I had filled my Leica M-6 viewfinder with the same image and nothing seemed to work; the meter? Everything was disjointed…turns out that I had never taken off the lens cap.  It happens to all of us at some point.

Here is to second chances, missed opportunities and respect for history.