The Measure of a Man:

The Boron VFW hall. The true measure of a man can be found anywhere.

The Boron American Legion Hall. The true measure of a man can be found anywhere.

_Shihan John Paul_

It’s been said that you learn the true measure of a man in the battlefield.

The question of how one reacts to fear and stress of the moment. Does the warrior step up to conquer fear and protect his fellow combatants? Does the warrior step back protecting his own life, letting others take the fall for him?

In 1645 a samurai warrior, Miyamoto Musashi wrote his thoughts on military strategy “ The Book of Five Rings” and over the centuries various translations have found it useful in the workplace.
Given the current environment of the workplace, it has become reflective of the battlefield with much of the same stress and fear for each man allowing them to step up…or to step back. In this case the fear is blame and the loss of employment.

The term man is generic and not related to gender, as gender plays no role in the level one may have for loyalty, or trust.

I’ve always enjoyed the “book of fire” chapter referring to the heat of battle, and speaks to different types of timing.