In one way or another photography has been a very large part of my life or my career since the early 1970’s…yes I have been very fortunate.

I do however have a keen knowledge that the art of photography will pale and become dull at the point you make it your avenue of income.

I’ve worked with photographers who felt they were larger than the work they produced.  I’ve worked with photographers that just never understood what their work means to those they photograph.  I worked with photographers who really got it…and used the craft to help those in need and bring understanding to those around us.

The deepest emotion can come in the shape of a chair.

I’m happiest when I can produce work for hugs.

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Winter Memories:

Memory Frozen in Time

The sun danced across the frozen pond’s surface in ripples 

warming your face.

The moment was silent with only the wind filling the winter space. 

It was the smile I remember bringing us together so many years


I hear the creak of weathered wood from the cabin door.

It feels familiar, like our love, as we live from season to season sharing laughter and

a warm winter embrace.

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