Premiere Dance-Intermedia Coffee House

 Dancing: A night of Indecorous Conduct

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If only that Georgia Pine could talk.

Early regulations for the 1872 Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, New York were:  No smoking; no spitting or “indecorous conduct”.

I wonder if that meant dancing because there was a whole lot of “indecorous conduct’ going on Saturday night at the centers first dance production, Premiere Dance-Intermedia Coffee House…and what a blessing!

Intermedia is a term that dates back to the 1960s, not to be confused with multimedia but it could be, and maybe should be, as the boundaries become a bit blurry which is fine because intermedia accepts all forms of art and art does not always have to be in focus to one set of eyes.

The production was led by Bea Licata whose work with intermedia performance goes back thirty-years and whose professional dance credits are longer than a ballet bar.

Licata was joined by her daughter, Adrienne Haynes; award-winning videographer, Penny Ward and renowned guitarist, Joshua Breakstone in the hauntingly gripping performance “Vestige”.

The program was rich with talent with co-producer  Anna Mayta in “Veiled”; Emma Burke-Covitz dancing “The World Keeps Turning”; Kay Nishikawa in a moving intermedia production, “I…” and Katina McClain’s powerful “Tranquillidad”.

I’ve read that you will find enlightenment once you enter the “red doors” and this certainly was the case with the “Premiere Dance-Intermedia Coffee House.