Zen Snow Shoveling:

Zen Snow Shoveling 

 If we believe that enlightenment is a product of meditation and intuition rather than faith.   We must then believe that the art of shoveling snow is just a way of creating a path for future travels. 

When the depth of our opponent is that of  just a few inches we need to remember that “Speed Creates Power”.  A firm but flexible grip on the shovel handle is important  for transferring power from our hips once  in a relaxed horse stance. 

Sometimes while attacking greater depths of snow, as in life, one must take two steps backward before initiating the attack with a forward thrust. Do this with “snap and power” This can be a power move keeping your center low. 

The question that one should ask is:  “How good do you want to be?” 

Broken twig and bird tracks find their future among snow flakes.

Isshinryu Karate:


-Tatsuo Shimabuku, founder of Isshinryu-

Are there applications for today’s business model?

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A person’s heart is the same as heaven and earth.

The blood circulating is the same as the moon and sun.

The manner of drinking and spitting is either hard or soft.

A person’s unbalance is the same as weight.

The body must be able to change direction at any time.

The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.

The eye must see in all ways.

The ear must listen in every direction.