The Economy and the Icicle

Work for the fun of it, and the money will arrive some day. -Ronnie Milsap-

How long does it take ice to melt before it becomes a puddle?

Is it the largest icicle with the widest grip on the roof that will hold the longest, or does the weight drag it crashing to the ground before the thin more fragile ice spikes?

There appears to be a parallel to the economy and the nation’s continued unemployment with that of the weather.  Over time the temperature determines if the melting water continues to grow the icicle or it becomes fractured like broken glass…the same with people who love to be useful and find that through using their acquired skills.

Last evening, I was returning from my “Job Searching Techniques” class at the local community college.   The headlights illuminated and doubled the size of each snow flake produced by the white flurry making it impossible to see the car ahead.

Why am I intimidated by the classroom white board? Is it the instructor?  The magic markers that never work?  Not really knowing my career objective?  What are my skills and my strengths…do I still have them?

As humans, we are defined by our employment, five seemingly very nice people trying to understand who they are and what they want to be when they grow up. We were all sitting in a cold classroom with a menacing white board predicting our future.

There was the corporate financial analyst, who knew it would be a short time before his position was down-sized or out-sourced. It was a nervous laugh when he said, “he wanted to be a clown.”

The social worker, who was beat down by the work load and the hours.  She wanted to help others, make a difference, and maybe thought a career in health care. 

The woman who owned a child care business, who was also beat by the long hours and who felt she had fallen behind in technology.

The security administrator, who had worked hard and sacrificed much, returning to school for a degree and still confused on life’s direction. She felt safe in what she knew but knew she needed more.

And, the photo editor who felt much like an icicle, not sure which one he closely identified with but his eyes are coldly fixed upside down on that puddle below.