Stuff-We all have stuff and my stuff is better than your stuff?


“Actually this is just a place for my stuff, ya know? That’s all, a little place for my stuff. That’s all I want, that’s all you need in life, is a little place for your stuff, ya know? I can see it on your table, everybody’s got a little place for their stuff.

This is my stuff, that’s your stuff, that’ll be his stuff over there. That’s all you need in life, a little place for your stuff. That’s all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn’t have so much stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. You could just walk around all the time.

A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it. You can see that when you’re taking off in an airplane. You look down, you see everybody’s got a little pile of stuff. All the little piles of stuff. And when you leave your house, you gotta lock it up.

Wouldn’t want somebody to come by and take some of your stuff. They always take the good stuff.

They never bother with that crap you’re saving. All they want is the shiny stuff. That’s what your house is, a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get . . . more stuff! Sometimes you gotta move, gotta get a bigger house. Why? No room for your stuff anymore.”

-George Carlin-



With the Holiday’s just around the corner I just wanted to wish you all good health and a very Happy New Year.
Truly a time of reflection and reconnection with family and friends.

A former colleague and good friend reminded me of a a phrase I would toss out from time-to-time to staff just to get folks thinking in a new direction. I certainly don’t come by words easy and this was passed along to me in a pile of hand-outs at the Poynter Institute.
As I remember it noted the author as being “unknown”, sad that some of the most meaningful words and images are from those “unknown”.
Maybe that in itself is a lesson to be humble.
Over the years I have seen many versions but this seems to come close to what I most believe.


Success: Do something that really makes you happy.
_Golden Dragon Fortune Cookie_


In Memory of our buddy:


Trinity: 1999-2009

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.

-Jean Cocteau-

The worst part was just telling my wife, Anne, that everything was fine and that we had just returned home with the antibiotics that would clear up the problem.

Within seconds of getting off the phone came the call with the news that our buddy was suffering from a far more serious condition.  The first round of blood test had just been completed, and it was conclusive for diabetes.

He would be looking at two insulin injections every day for the rest of his life along with the many trips to give blood and urine to monitor the glucose levels.

“It’s not a death sentence and he could have a few years left. But given his age.” was the word.

Just a couple of months ago we had a close call and a few days in the emergency room with countless test and being hooked up to an intravenous unit.  He didn’t complain but you could tell it took a toll on him. We wonder now if the diagnosis was correct.  I wish animals could talk.

The symptoms appeared very similar, eating like there was no tomorrow; drinking a lake; excessive urination (the lake has to go somewhere).  You could see a bit of weight loss but it was the weakness in the rear legs that broke your heart.

He just looked tired….”rode hard and put away wet.” as they say.

His big buddy “Sage” had passed two years ago.  They had been friends for eight years, Sage a wonderful German Shepard having to learn to be a sister to this new little ball of grey and white fluff.  His little buddy “Emmy” will miss him now.

“Trinity” was not named for the union of the “father, son and holy ghost” but maybe should have been given his temperament and compassion. He was brought home the same week my wife’s mother, Silvia, died;   just a month short of ten years ago and during the holiday.

Isn’t it always during the holiday?

Although my close friend for ten years we just started to really understand each other the past few years and were pretty much inseparable the last few months. 

As I type he now lies near my feet tucked into the space of the old pine roll top desk. It’s been known as his fort for years;  a soft towel for added comfort has been added to warm the wood floor.

We’re loosing another piece of the family and it hurts but  I know that he has friends across the country that have visited the house and will share in our sadness.  They’ll remember with a smile his kind heart and sweet nature.

With the loss of any one close you just try to hold on to the good times and remember the traits they brought to your life to make you a better person.  Trinity  provided many.

Tomorrow he visits Silvia and Grandpa George for the holidays.

“Do you think he knows?” asked Anne.

 Yeah, I think he does.