Free Freedom? 60th Anniversary of the Korean War

Like most students I don’t know that I took the best advantage of my American history classes as I could have, or should have.  It’s not until you become a bit older that you soon realize that history is wasted on the young.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with members of “Korean War Veterans, National chapter #1”. It was not enough time to spend with this group and I’m hoping for more down the road.

It’s the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War that started when the North Korean Communist troops invadedSouth Korea on June 25, 1950.  Well not really called a war it was a “Police Action” where 57,976 lives were lost, over 54,246 were from the U.S.; 103,284 U.S. soldiers were wounded, 8,177  were MIA (missing in action), and 7,140 were POWs (prisoners of war).  Other countries suffered the loss of 3,730 lives; 12,146 were wounded, 379 were MIA, 1,376 were POWs. More than 3 million civilians lost their lives.

It is called the “Forgotten War” but it is hard to forget when you get the opportunity to speak with some of these men and those Korean Americans who helped us all remember that “Freedom is not Free”.  Just happens that these words are etched into the Korean War Memorial inWashington,DC.

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