Reasons for being Sad:

My youngest daughter sent me an email recently and noted that I sounded sad.

You know I think I am a bit sad.  But after seventeen months of searching for a job both in journalism and outside the newsroom; I try to make the distinction between being sad and of self-pity.  I must admit the line becomes thin and gray at times.

A friend and colleague noted yesterday:

“So very sorry about your long hunt on so very many levels: sorry for the loss of your talent for telling stories with pictures, for your helping others to tell stories, for journalism in general.”

That makes me a bit sad.  I love telling stories and my greatest joy has been helping others tell their stories both through words and images.

You know you can’t teach at a college or university without a degree. But you can teach without working in a newsroom?  They should give a degree for surviving thirty years as a journalist.

That makes me a bit sad.

I often wonder about the editors that write job post.  Should they really have a job in communication?

Digital Savvy Desk Person  (We’ve been in the digital age since the mid-1990s, must be a young editor)

Seeking Ace Business Reporter (My guess written by a sports editor)

Seeking hard working reporter  (ask any photographer and they’ll tell you reporters don’t work hard. Ask any reporter and they’ll tell you photographers don’t work hard.)

Talented Page Designer wanted  ( Why would you want a designer with no talent?)

From a friend:

“The other thing I think I am noticing is that the Internet has become a shield so that no one has to interview anyone …. they fill their quotas and get their numbers.

The algorithms and job descriptions make no sense but no one knows the difference in what passes for human resources.

What I’m sorry about is that we are all poorer for it.”

That makes me a bit sad.

It’s “Election Day” and the best part of it is knowing that those multi-million campaign ad dollars have kept a few more journalist working into the holiday season.

If both the politicians and the journalist would spend more time at their local social service office talking to people face-to-face the community would be better served.

Cutting corners and poor ethics make me a bit sad.

Life revolves in cycles or periodic intervals giving us plenty of time to reflect.

In the past seventeen months, I’ve been given the opportunity to connect with family, develop new friendships and build on the old.

No reason to be sad.