Before the COOL runs out:

Over the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying discussions about photography and the images of those who came before us with friend and fellow photographer, John Fasulo.  John’s mentor is David Plowden who has documented America’s past in such books as Imprints, Vanishing Point and A handful of Dust.

This past week we lost two of the greats in Charles Moore and Jim Marshall.  One I had met and one I know through his body of work and gracious friendship to Adam Wright a young photographer/publisher who’s ground-breaking images in HAULER and ROAD COURSE magazines have developed a large cult following (a new book is on the horizon.)

Old house jacks "Old age is no place for sissies." -Bette Davis-

There must be about fifty years of experience that separates the oldest to the youngest of this group, all sharing the common bond of recording elements of our society that teeter on the edge of disappearing.

Trains, motorcycles, wood or rusted metal we all seem gravitate to subjects reflective of age and just plain cool… Adam may have said it best, “I strictly just do it for me.”