Think color and break the rules:

FirstFall1 copy

With the temperatures starting to dip heading into October throughout the country, we’re starting to see rich autumn colors throughout the northern United States.

It’s the perfect time to keep your still and video camera close to you on those drives to and from work.

Along with thinking color, think motion.

Let the wind blow and slow the shutter speed down for surprising results that have the appearance of brushing overlapping watercolor on an easel.

If you are working on your blog, website; placing images in a scrapbook; or hanging them on a wall…think of the story you want to tell.

Know your space and think of how your image might interact with one another by changing size and relationship.

FirstFall2 copyFeeling stronger about one photo over another?  You may want to make that your dominant image and give it more space.  Remember that nothing “carries the same weight” which means that elements in one photograph will be more visual pleasing than another.

Stay away from images that are redundant.  Keep things different when possible and think about “movement” in a photograph.  Some pictures may have subjects that offer physical movement from left to right or up and down.  Use that movement to place your next image.

It’s also a great time of year to haul out that never used tripod.  With the harvest moon coming into the picture later this month, it’s a good time to grab a coat and play with some time exposure.

Remember to break the rules when ever possible.