A Second Chance to Help:


According to the latest jobs report, the unemployment rate fell to 8.9% — a nearly two-year low.

One of the benefits of working as a picture editor over the years is working with talented photojournalist that really seem to understand the importance of what documentary photography can mean to the world.

The impact that documentary projects can make in our continued search for social equality and the understanding of what that means on both a humanitarian and environmental level is enormous.

Much of the significant journalistic work being produced today is by freelance journalists who try to find creative ways to fund their projects.

For one friend and former colleague, Caitlin M. Kelly, a small goal has been reached but we have two weeks to continue with our support for this and future projects.  At a time when it is difficult to have faith in the economy when you can’t count on a future of employment, but…there is always an opportunity to put your faith in those who have a shared respect for those who walk our planet.