Breakneck Ridge:

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.

-Nelson Mandela-

Breakneck ridge is found on the eastside of the Hudson River just a bit north of the community of Cold Springs, NY and across the river from Storm King.

The start of the trail is apply named, and is; and probably has; as it starts at a 45 degree climb which quickly turn into a 60 degree in some locations before getting to the first plateau with awesome views of the river and adorned with wind-tattered American and POW flags.

I tried not to let the scampering of six year-olds and seventy-six year-olds who left me choking on dust and dodging small rocks detour my focus.  I did however feel under dressed in a pair of jeans and old wool shirt as it seems anything “Columbia” was the fashion of the day…ohhhh and a couple of those aluminum walking sticks.  What ever happened to just cutting a hunk of tree limb?