“Call ‘n’ Response”

Call ‘n’ Response presented by Marion Royael Gallery owners Barbara and Steven Paul Riddle with Nelson Conde Productions offered visitors a complete union between Avant Garde Jazz and Contemporary Art this past weekend in Beacon, New York.

Jazz guitarist Chris Crocco and percussionist Ross Pederson played like only two old reunited friends can with economy of motion and the smiles of surprise to the path each were taking throughout the evening. The “Fluid Duo” was flanked by the work of artist  Alexander Percy whose depth of color and spatula built texture assaulted the senses.

One of the many surprises was the rich soulful voice of singer, songwriter, Goldee Greene no stranger to the depth of jazz walking that jagged line a deeper rock sound.

You know what type of wonderful evening it will be when the sangria comes with a warning! After all it does mean “bloodletting”.

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