BLINK: PAGE TWENTY also the ramblings of an old photographer for the next good part of March.


Madison County, Iowa

Cedar Bridge spans Cedar Creek and has been the victim of arson in 2002 and again in 2017.

Earlier in the book we talked about nine degrees of separation and this is my story,

These are my daughter’s Alayna and Ashley. They are the air that Anne and I breath.

The image was taken during a visit at Cedar Bridge near Winterset, Iowa sometime in 1990.

W. Eugene Smith was an iconic photographer…an amazing journalist.

A lousy husband and maybe worse father. I’ve read everything written about him and reviewed pretty much every image he has taken. “ A walk to Paradise Garden” was an image he took of his daughter and son at a time he was most vulnerable.

An image that always was the reflection of “family” for me.


The Book: Bridges of Madison County a wonderful love story written by Robert James Waller who I had the pleasure of photographing twice.

The Movie: Star and Produced by Clint Eastwood who as a teen I hunted and fished on the same waters as his Rising River Ranch which he purchased from Bing Crosby. Not really the same waters as his caretaker kept running us off if we went past the boundary .

His character in the film was a photographer.Something I still aspire to be.

Producer: Kathleen Kennedy who I went to school with her sister and photographed her father, Judge Kennedy many times in Redding Ca.

Meryl Streep, no connection just lust over her many movies.

The movie can be found on Netflix.  I have Netflix (well thanks to my daughter) might be a reach.

This was my “Walk in Paradise”…..I did not BLINK!

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