Flag Football: One man and Sportsmanship


-Knute Rockne-

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4 responses to “Flag Football: One man and Sportsmanship

  • Graham Coad

    Ha ha ha, marvellous!
    This is what we call “Touch Rugby” in the UK, and it’s an early, safe version of the game played by boys (and girls) up to about age 10-11, from when full contact tackling is allowed.
    It’s amusing to us to see grown Americans playing “touch rugby”, in a similar way to our children’s game of “Rounders” being your National Sport of Baseball!
    Interesting to see how sport has developed differently.

    • oneheartonemind


      It is interesting; I’ve been covering sports for thirty-five years and this is the first time that I’ve photographed league “flag football” and was a bit surprised at the high quality of athletic ability and control these young men have.

      I found myself thinking about parallels to the martial arts where it is rather easy to strike with force but to control that force at touch is brilliant.

      In the game’s short forty minutes I witnessed some pro quality catches and one of the nicest 30 yard, cross-field run downs I’ve seen.

      Here is to all the weekend warriors in the UK and the US.

  • john fasulo

    maya is going for her green belt…!!

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