Newspaper Customer Service…or how to go broke?

I think I’m finally comfortable with my journalistic integrity to admit that I love the New York Daily News.  It is just a fun read and other than the UK and a few found at at grocery check-out…where else can you enjoy headlines like that?

I most certainly enjoy it more since I’ve been getting it free for the past few weeks.

After thirty-five years in newspaper newsrooms, I do understand the importance of customer service.  For years I was the early and only person to hit the 4th floor and it seemed that many customer service calls came to the photo department extension because of this.

The lack in quality of customer service can certainly be contributed to the downward spiral of America’s newspapers…..but taking stuff for free really is the wrong thing to do even if it is the New York Daily News and I call the dreaded “Call Center”.

NYDN:  Recorded message “Please type in your phone number”.

GM: Hmmm I think, but my phone number is not on record since I didn’t order the newspaper.

NYDN: recording “I’m sorry we can’t seem to find your account.  I’ll have someone come on line.”

GM: Figured

NYDN: “HI this is Jared can I have your phone number?”

GM: Jared I’d give it to you but it won’t do you any good as I’m not a customer.

NYDN: Yeah it does not come up.

GM: Yup

NYDN: “May I have your address.”

GM: Certainly

NYDN: “I have you at such and such.”

GM: Yes that’s my address but the name is wrong and I did not order the newspaper.

NYDN: “Are you sure?”

GM: Jared when they take an order do they ask for a telephone number or email address?

NYDN: “Ohhh yes, this is your telephone number.”

GM: No Jared this is my telephone number.  See none of the numbers match.

NYDN: So that is not your telephone number.

GM: Nope, we seem to have a case where you have the wrong name, address and telephone number.

NYDN: I have it down as “weekend only delivery”.

GM: That appears to be a challenge also as I’ve been getting it random during the week.  Thought it was something new you were all trying??

NYDN: Hmmmmmm

GM: Good-bye Jared.

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