First, let me lead-off this discussion with a disclaimer.

The following are my observations, and not those necessarily of my employer; current ,nor former colleagues. Even Emmy my cat has little stake in this other than a current paycheck keeps her in litter.

It is my firm belief that Sports is NEWS and should be covered visually as if one was writing the game story.

For the visual reporter, your work starts the moment that you receive an assignment for game coverage and not the few hours before setting up in the well or press area.

You now have a laptop, electronic tablet and most important, a smartphone.  Show that your smarter than your phone and use that technology to do your homework on those involved in the NEWS event you are about to cover.

Example:  Ozzie Guillen returns to coach the Mariners after a five-game suspension Tuesday night.  What was the story of the night?

Q.  How many images of protestors outside the stadium moved on the wires prior to the game?  A. 1

Q.  How many images of Ozzie AFTER the game began moved from the dugout, etc. by the 5th inning? A. 1  A vertical that had little-to-no use on the web; mobile or even print.  Understand your market, everything you do has a “Return on Investment” to both you and your employer. Every minute is a deadline on the web.

Photographers did a very nice job of covering Ozzie being interviewed in the dugout prior to the game … then it was back to the game.

A game that no one will remember for the score.

More images will be used the day after and over the following weeks of Ozzie’s return over game action.  What is your market?

If you have a Kobe injured and on the bench…record it for news value.

If you transmit three photos of the cheerleaders before sending horizontal action on deadline (yes this happend a few days ago). We need to discuss news value?

Elements of Sports coverage to act as a guide, If you think the last element should be the first then we might see a brighter future.

Peak action / Telling reaction

Don’t settle for the obvious

Marriage between action and story

Pay attention / Watch the edges!

Vary your position

Know the sport!

Time to clean the litter box.

One thought on “IT’S WHERE THE BALL ISN’T

  1. I, like you, know that accuracy is the footing that holds the fourth estate together, it’s paramount. My mentor David Bauman, told me a story of his youth: his dad, Fred Bauman (the very first full time photographer at the PE) said …”David, a picture is not worth a shit without the right information”.

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