A Bird on the Head is Worth?

Sharon Dale, Curator of the Turtle Bay Animal Program watch as a young Lorikeet finds a landing spot after being released in their new habitat.

Parents and children from Buckeye School of the Arts were on hand to watch the release of Lorikeets at Turtle Bay.

Lorikeet getting acclimated to his new home at Turtle Bay.

Phase one of releasing two groups of Lorikeets into their new home at Turtle Bay was accomplished Thursday morning.  The thirteen medium-sized; rainbow-colored parrots will be joined by the second group of fourteen in a week after acclimation to their newly renovated habitat.  The Lorikeets are raised in captivity and come from two certified breeders in Florida and Texas. Visitors to Turtle Bay will be able to walk through the new exhibit starting April 16th.  The official opening will be in May after all the birds have had time to settle in to their new home. Lorikeets are known for their bottlebrush-tipped tongues used to feed on nectar and soft fruits.

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