Remembering Cesar Chavez:

Retired Spanish Professor Salvador Valdivia

The wonderful thing about photojournalism is the opportunity to meet truly inspirational people. The down-side is that you step into their lives for short periods of time and it’s rare that you have an opportunity to spend time with them again.  So is true this past Sunday with Salvador Valdivia a retired Spanish professor from Shasta College located in Redding, CA.

Our connection was really not on a subject to journalist level but that as parents.  We both were raised at a time when going to work in the fields was considered a career.  We both took pride in the fact that our children had an opportunity to further their education over their parents.

“My father taught me a valuable lesson when I was a young boy by taking me and my brothers to Yuba City in the summer heat to pick peaches. Climbing up and down the ladder with a heavy load of peaches, you learn the importance of an education.” said Valdivia.

Later that day he spoke at the Ninth Annual Cesar Chavez Day Celebration about the importance of learning the English language and work for an education.

What maybe is just as important for Anglos is to learn the Spanish language and work for an education.

Read more about the weekend tribute to the life of Cesar Chavez here.

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One response to “Remembering Cesar Chavez:

  • angelraeme

    I found this because I was looking for Señor Valdivia’s contact information. He was my Spanish teacher about 15-20 years ago. He is a great teacher and exceptional person. He has had a positive impact on many people, including me. This is a great photograph of him, and I am glad to see this blog post about him. I would be interested to see the talk he gave on Cesar Chavez Day. Thank you for the feature.

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