An Engaged Photojournalist:

A Western Sunset

It’s an interesting time to be involved in journalism these days as a freelancer you dip your toe in and out of the pool much more a spectator than being a coach or player in the game…maybe not a bad thing.

I was trading emails with a young photojournalist a few mornings back and she was in a gut wrenching dilemma over what software to use for her new Nikon camera which she could now produce video as a multimedia journalist.

“Should I spend the money for Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro? Should I use IMovie? I know FCP is what everyone in the business is using. I just don’t know.”

For me it is much like debating the value of a beer coming from a tall, thin bottle or the same beer poured from a short, fat bottle.  The container has little to do with the quality of the drink.

The drink is quality storytelling and becoming ENGAGED with your subject. It’s about making a connection and leading your viewer/reader on a journey.

As we move forward with various levels of multimedia visuals; think about replacing the term multimedia with “engaging journalism”.  Place the emphasis on the quality of the craft and then build a better container.

Cissi Lundgren, 91 year-old artist started to paint at nine in Stockholm, Sweden.

2 thoughts on “An Engaged Photojournalist:

  1. I think you answered a question for me today. Since I have been living back in Philly, I have been really enjoying the variety of architecture that surrounds me. Today I was walking in Center City on 13th Street south of Market St and there was a Catholic church. One I have walked past a zillion times? I noticed in the rear was an attached Victorian, stone parsonage. Made me wonder how many other Philadelphians was past these charming buildings and never look up and see them. Guess it’s time to bring out my digital point and shoot. It’s not the disease or human suffering du jour but maybe it works, even if it’s just for me. Oh, what was the question? Do I need real camera equipment to do a good job?

  2. Ensure that its backward-compatible with your existing documents..IMovie 08 on the other hand has been totally misnamed. The old iMovie offered the essential tools of professional programs like Final Cut Pro without the cost or complexity. .The new iMovie for example is probably the only video-editing program on the market with no timeline no horizontal scrolling strip that displays your clips laid end to end with their lengths representing their durations.

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