The teachings of Scrappy:

Like many Christmas mornings, this one offered the annual reflective thoughts of the past year that included should have; could have and would have moments along with a review of both personal and professional turns I may have been offered during 2010.  We’ll let’s make that more personal than professional?

As I was making my waddle back in time I was watching how Scrappy a wire-haired dachshund was enjoying tearing into his new best friend’s holiday gift wrapping. Now Scrappy is a foster child of a few months and like some foster children who have not benefited from a household of love, nurturing and sustainable care, he came to the home with a set of small challenges.

Scrappy’s first hurdle is his name which has been through various variations ending in “y” or “ie” which includes Scabby which we can all agree that life is hard enough when your living three inches off the ground; belly in the wet grass and have the turning radius of a small boat.

Scrappy Christmas 2010

I found it somewhat interesting that “foster” actually is connected to the word “forester” to promote growth, which to know that was my dream job, and I left forestry class for journalism in high school finding it too challenging. There is one of those “have” moments we were talking about earlier.

Now the mystic-beauty of foster animals is that although they carry both the mental and physical scars of their past they only live  in the present and have deep belief and trust in the future.

Scrappy now lives for the warmth of a friends hand; playing with a buddy in the backyard and the occasional between-meal snack that might find there way to the kitchen floor.

Foster animals are the students who soon become the teachers of just how to encourage, promote, share and sustain love.  Looking forward to the New Year maybe that is our “will have” moment.

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