Igo-Ono: A Cowboy Christmas

Old Barn Ono, CA 2010


Old Yesterday hain’t no more use
Than rubber boots be to a goose;
So saddle up and ride away
From that there worthless Yesterday.
Hook your spurs in the Bronk o’ Hope,
And hit a high and swingin’ lope
Across the Range-o’-things-that are,
And leave that Old Past so blamed far
Behind that you can’t even view
It thro’ a glass, if you want to.
Your failures – shucks! ferget ’em all,
Don’t let ’em know you hear ’em call;
Look up and see the rainbow smile.
To-day’s the only time worth while.

-Robert V. Carr, Cowboy Lyrics 1912-

Igo, CA 2010

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