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The Spring:

Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!

-Sitting Bull-


Ohhhh My Chicken Video:

Ohhhh My Chicken on the red carpet after first video release on YOUTUBE

It has been a very exciting morning for Ohhhh My Chicken at “Oneheartonemind Studios” after the release of his first video.  Mindful not to disappoint his fans ; Under the watchful eye of Doctor Drew, Ohhhh My will return to rehab after his tour ends. 

Rumors of  Ohhhh My missing the Coachella Music festival because of treatment for his sexual  addiction after a hen publically said he fondled her breast at a late night party at the coop has been said not to be true by his handlers.

View Ohhh My’s video at YouTube.

Editor Note: The production idea behind “Ohhhh My Chicken” was to see if you could create a simple fun story by using camera angles and an inanimate object.

Steps to Accomplishment:

Looking for the way UP

Man, unlike anything organic or inorganic in the universe, grows beyond his work, walks up the stairs of his concepts, emerges ahead of his accomplishments.

-John Steinbeck-

Foundation will stand the test of Time:

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

-David Allan Coe-

Construction on Hook Road

Almost a Cycle:

The Old Cabin on Hook Road at Spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself as melted snow forgets its life. Earth teach me resignation as the leaves which die in the fall. Earth teach me courage as the tree which stands all alone. Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring.

-William Alexander-

Shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out:

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You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.

-Johnny Cash-


There’s No Juice:

I was delighted the other day when two of my many passions merged in the form of a story about Architect, Frank Gehry’s soon to be christened Lou Ruvo Brain Institute designed in Las Vegas.

There is no doubt that a well crafted story and design of a world-class building have much in common.  Both need a solid foundation; a blueprint to guide the builder or reader and the necessary tools to compete the task.

Now you might find this a bit of a stretch but I grew up walking past one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s last designs and his last church design on my way to school every day.

Wright designed the Pilgrim Congressional Church in 1958 before he died in 1959 in for the time was as far west of the town of Redding you could get before running into dirt.

There was nothing but black oak; manzanita brush and poison oak as far as you cared to itch. The church was designed as a tent.   It was said to represent temporary, migratory and transient lives.

This guy knew his stuff as there was little reason to migrate back to this area but then he was known as a visionary and a designer far beyond his time.

“Tell the people of the little church that I will help them out. If I like the ‘feel’ of a job, I take it.” said Wright when he took the job.

Not unlike an Architect, a journalist must design their work with quality content as their purpose.  Without a sound foundation that will inform, challenge and educate the reader; it’s just an empty shell.  Gehry said it perfectly in the Las Vegas Sun article.

 “I was knocked off my feet,” Gehry says. “When you look just at the computer rendering, there’s no juice. You have this fantasy in your head, but the drawings and renderings don’t have the feeling. But when you walk in, it’s like a miracle. It is breathtaking. I knew what it would look like, but when you’re there, and you see all the natural light, it all comes into focus.”

Ron Haviv: Artist Talk at Fovea

OPENING EXHIBIT,  book signing and artist talk.

This Saturday, April 10, 4-8p.m.

at Fovea Exhibitions, 143 Main Street Beacon NY 12508
                                                                   on view through June 10

Ron Haviv was in Haiti less than 24 hours after the earthquake devastated Port au Prince and surrounding areas. His intimate reportage describes the carnage and brings the viewer close to the terrible personal experiences of the Haitian population.

Curated by Sabine Meyer

Opening night video by Adrian Eisenhower:

Knowledge is Power:



Imparting knowledge is only lighting other men’s candles at our lamp without depriving ourselves of any flame.

-Jane Porter-

Happy Easter:

“My mom used to say that Greek Easter was later because then you get stuff cheaper.”

-Amy Sedaris-

Easter in Hyde Park, NY

Keep your paws off of other people’s jelly beans.

Shatter the Vase: You can still smell the Flowers.


_Japanese Proverb_