Giblets and Photography:

Bogart could have been color blind. He got to know a man before he decided if he liked him or not.

-Sammy Davis, Jr.-

True Fact: Sammy Davis Jr. lost his eye in a car crash in San Bernardino, 1954 returning from Vegas at the split of the I-15 and I-215.

Think "rule of thirds" and think about backgrounds.

Just a few things to think about this holiday week as you’re pulling out the camera (still or video) to torture the family, pets and natural surroundings of your community.

Many, many years ago, I believe it was in Pittsburgh or it could have been Philadelphia “I have a good memory…just short!” It was a “P” town, I do remember that. I sat on a photo judging panel with Sam Abell a talented and wonderful photographer who much of his work has been seen in the pages of National Geographic.

At the time, Mr. Abell talked about the quality of an image’s background and how a background may be more important to the photograph than your initial subject. 

He went on to speak of how he would identify an interesting background and would wait hours, sometimes days for something to happen in front of the background.

I remember the impact that had on me and for years after I kept a note pad in the car to identify interesting elements in the city that might make backgrounds for future photographs.

Think about THIRDS!

One of the most popular elements in painting and later adapted to photography, is the “rule of thirds”.

Imaginary lines are drawn dividing the image into thirds both horizontal and vertical.  You place important elements of your composition where these lines intersect. 

As well as using the intersections you can arrange areas into bands occupying a third or place things along the imaginary lines.

And of course remember that this is just another photo rule that can be broken.

Any time you can introduce disorder into an orderly situation makes life a hoot.


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