Autumn and Flying Pigs:

Autum in New Paltz, searching for the flying pig.

Autum in New Paltz, searching for the flying pig.

Man, I can feel it down to the morrow of my California bones; the weather is teetering on change. 

The icy drop of temperature fills the air with each breath of north wind as it blows up the canyon.  Afternoon walks are now met by neon red, orange and yellow leaves tightly hanging on trees.  Many more have succumbed to the breeze and now cover the ground along the roadside.

The week days are calmer than the weekends along the Hudson River and trips to small communities like New Paltz are best made when city visitors are consumed by work and their Wednesday night dreams of hikes, climbs and kayaking in the Wallkill River Valley.

The branches of thousands of apple trees bend heavy towards the earth with red and yellow apples with the arrival of fall.  It only helps to entice more visitors to enjoy the vineyards, orchards and farms.

For those in the west that can still see nature without a looming cloud of smoke, think in terms of Santa Cruz, Mendocino or Eureka without looking at the ocean.

On any given Saturday you will be hard-pressed to even make it into town after exiting west off I-87.  Many give up and head back across the river for calmer Hyde Park and Rhinebeck.

Flying Pig

With coffee in hand make your way for the “Rock and Snow” for anything that you care to hammer, click, or hang from rock.   These are the area experts in rock, ice climbing.  They actually appear to enjoy talking to customers share their experience for those who may have questions.

With the “College at New Paltz”, there is that college town color and vibe.  With an understated urban flare, the shops are filled with local art from watercolors to flying pigs made of recycled materials.

There is a dizzy selection of restaurants along Main Street and the “Lemon Grass” is a valid choice for a reasonable Thai lunch, with a charming quiet atmosphere with gracious servers.

Today is Wednesday and I now think of the weekend’s passing; zipping up my sweater and looking forward to being a week closer to the heart of autumn.

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