What would a turtle want to morph into?

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When first meeting New York artist, Jay Palefsky in his Beacon, Main Street gallery it’s not unlike trying to capture a kite in gale force winds that has escaped its ball of string.

Very much like the gallery’s name “Morphicism” Palefsky transforms into a bolt of lightening looking to strike. It’s only the thick brick gallery walls that contain his enthusiasm for both art and life.

The man, who is touching on his early sixties, looks twenty years his junior with an illuminating smile that only adds more vibrant color to his pieces found on the walls and displayed throughout the gallery floor.

Turtles dream of not being soup!

Turtles dream of not being soup!

Nothing is as it seems in Palefsky’s world, brightly colored animals on cards and books change into delightful scenes; monkey to hippo; cat to fish and flower to stork.

His electric energy transforms his wall art into sliding pieces that he also calls “Morphicism” where scenes can take on a new look with the flick of your wrist.

 There is a touch of “idealism” when thinking of the term as a vehicle to illustrate what life should be and not what it is.

 There is little doubt that the artist was thinking about the theory of “interactive” art long before the term became over used and stale by today’s media.  His art and written words speak to the future and the excitement of unknown that comes with it.

 The dilemma when leaving with Palefsky’s work tightly under your arm is whether we are better for having him as a full-time artist or loosing him as a full-time educator…reaching for the door of the gallery he morphs into both.


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