To Aggregate or Irrigate:

Rain, natures free irrigation

Rain, natures free irrigation

The now looming controversy for the journalism community (good gosh, you would think everyone loosing their job would keep them busy) seems to be the idea of “aggregated” information of the world’s web.

The definition of “aggregate” is to accumulate; to gather; to collect; to assemble information.  That use to be referred to as “journalism”…that by itself is aggregating from the on-line dictionary.  I can only guess it was aggregated from a hard-copy dictionary?

You hear the term “original content” thrown around with as much gusto as gasoline on an ant hill these days.  With a lit match it will burn just as hot.

We’ll assume for this discussion  that “original content” is something that you can place a cost factor on.

By the same token the definition of “irrigate” is to: 1. Supply dry land with water by means of ditches, pipes, or streams. 2. To wash out a wound or body cavity (yuck) with water or medicated fluid. 3. To make fertile or vital as if by watering.

Now think of the “internet” in terms of the vehicle to provide fertile and vital information to its readers. To “irrigate” just might be the way to go and we all know that water is not free.

Grass and drops

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