Five States in Two Days:

There was a time when I thought I was a darn good coach and photo editor until a digital monster was unleashed on the blog the other day.

“Damn, slow down!  I can’t see the screen to shoot?  What about the reflection and the radio antenna? cried my navigator and digital journalist, Anne.

“Dude, do you think you are Ansel (@#$%&*#)  Adams with that point-n-shoot.” I blubbered.

She got that big grin on her face and did the co-pilot shimmy in her seat  singing how she had the best photo on the blog…I’ thinking I can’t seem to find the battery charger?



  1. Outside Tulsa: Don’t drive into the smoke! I guess just in case you had the urge.
  2. Hit a freeway worker and pay a $10,000.00! The state of Missouri knows what their guys cost.
  3. East of St. Louis on the Illinois side:  Hit a freeway worker and go to jail for 14 years! Illinois just could not come up with a cost figure.


A. Radio 1550 the sounds of Branson good old bluegrass “Jesus Hold my Hand” ….Jesus turn the station!

B. Armadillo’s are no better at crossing the road than an opossum, but they look far more peaceful, spinning on their shells feet in the air.

C. Missouri drivers pretty much feel the nation is their NASCAR track.

D. St Louis could very well be the worst city in the country to transition freeways.

E. It felt like a small piece of Corona driving by the LUCAS OIL stadium in Indianapolis.

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