New Roads on an Old Map:


Just a poor reflection of the big dogs in Cabazon!

Just a poor reflection of the big dogs in Cabazon!

It is hard to believe that it has been thirty-plus years since I’ve been glued to the white broken lines on the I-40 heading east.  Well, I was heading west thirty years ago but the lines were just facing the other direction, and looked much the same.

Good Lord, life is always more clear when you’re looking in a rear-view mirror and the sun is setting in the opposite direction!

An early morning start from Phoenix to Shea Road (It’s funny that my new start is off and running with an old friend’s last name.) to the 87; to the260; (don’t blink, Heber is there) to the 277; to the 377: to Holbrook and the I-40 (the holy pavement of Route 66).

Now I am a dinosaur lover and I have been since a small child rubbing the legs of the big boys in Cabazon, Ca. known as the home of the world’s largest fake dinosaurs.

To see a community such as Holbrook, AZ. claim legacy to the giants of dinosaurs just because of their location to the Petrified Forest National Park settled as well as the morning’s Denny’s “grand slam” (always a mistake) breakfast!

It’s tough for a guy who spent years in San Bernardino. CA. to understand why others claim rights to Route 66. I’m still trying to figure out why “fetish” Zuni jewelry is the specialty in Gallup and not Melrose along the official route? 

The clouds of Gallup, New Mexico

The clouds of Gallup, New Mexico

I’ve had a few good friends and colleagues from the state of New Mexico (some still friends) and I finally understand their challenges and sense of humor after today’s drive.

The state of California offers “Click It or Ticket” as their guide to safety on the freeway and New Mexico counters with “Click It or SPLAT!” with a red splash….you have to appreciate the humor in that.

I fell in love with the clouds that act as a white canopy and wonder why the state has blow-up Indian casinos when so many of the reservation residents appear to live in poverty?

Wait! My favorite was the real casino that had forty-foot arrows stuck at an angle in their parking-lot as if “Cupid” the Greek god of LOVE missed California?


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